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“Hey Tim, you home?” I bellowed as I walked through their back door.
Tim was one of my best friends and we had decided to attend the same college after graduating high school and were finishing up our freshman year. We were supposed to study for an upcoming math test together after we finished class. Since his parents both worked, they weren’t home now and wouldn’t be for another few hours. I stopped in the kitchen and listened for a reply. When I didn’t hear one, I yelled again.
“Hey Tim, it’s Nick. You upstairs?”
Still no answer, which was weird. Tim knew I was coming over, and since the house wasn’t locked he had to be home…somewhere. He had to be up in his room. It was the only thing that made any sense. I crossed the living room and headed for the stairs, figuring he was up in his room. Their house was pretty plush, so the thick carpet on the steps prevented any creaking or other noise as I climbed them. I reached the top of the steps and walked down the hall towards Tim’s bedroom, thinking nothing was out of the ordinary. Tim tended to be distracted all the time, one of those things that led to our planned study session this afternoon.
Not suspecting anything I was about to say hello when I walked into his room and saw him. He was sitting as his computer and was rubbing his crotch through his shorts while staring intently at the porn website. His shorts were tented up by his obvious arousal, his hard-on stretching the fabric. Tim pumped his shaft through his shorts slowly, a damp spot hear it’s tip. Obviously, he hadn’t heard me come in or holler from the downstairs from the startled look on his face and feeble attempt to hide his hard-on as he realized I was in his room.
“Uh, sorry man….didn’t hear you come in.” He stammered. Continue to see gay teen porn stories on video.

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